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Git configuration

The git repository is stored at two addresses (both need special credentials):

  • ssh://<user>(at)
  • gitlab enseeiht

Getting the git repository on your machine:

  • git clone <git address>

Latest updates of the toolset are available in the master branch

Eclipse platform configuration

The development of the BlockLibrary tooling is done using a specific Eclipse version and specific plugin versions. There is no guarantee that the toolset will behave correctly if you are using other versions.

In order to get it working the procedure is the following:

  • Download Eclipse modeling Juno Release: 20120620-1657

  • Install it in your favorite folder !

  • We provide a configuration file in order to get the plugins at the right version: configuration file

    • In order to use it, launch your Eclipse and go to File > Import > Install > Install Software Items from File, select the downloaded file and proceed with installation.
    • Open the configuration file for more details on the actual versions of the plugins

Other dependencies

  • Java 6 (OpenJDK)

  • dot - graphviz version 2.28.0 (20130113.1754), 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)

  • Why3
    • Why3 platform, version 0.83 / 0.85

    • Provers
      • Alt-Ergo version 0.95.2 / 1.00
      • CVC3 version 2.4.1
      • Z3 version 4.3.1 / 4.4.0
      • Coq version 8.4pl3 / 8.4pl5
  • CVC4 version - / 1.4
  • Spass version - / 3.7

Eclipse Workspace configuration

Launch Eclipse. In the git hierarchy, you will find a forlder named eclipse_workspace. This folder contains the Eclipse projects. Under Eclipse import the projects of this folder. Not all the folder must be opened as their are not all updated to the last version of the project. You must keep all the imported projects (or import only) that are on the following screen capture.


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