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This project is about a specification and verification methodology for block libraries in graphical dataflow modelling languages such as Simulink, Scicos, Xcos and SCADE. Such languages are widely used in the development of control and data processing algorithms used in embedded systems. Block libraries play an important role from the viewpoint of extending the core languages and capturing and reusing the design patterns.

We aim to provide a formal and easily usable methodology and tools for writing and verifying such specifications. Our primary interest is to use the proposed methodology for supporting the development of critical embedded systems, where there are stringent requirements for a clear and robust process starting from high quality and unambigous specifications and ending with a reliable verification process. Hence, the methodology should also support software qualification, as defined e.g. by the DO-178/ED-12 avionic guideline. However, the application domain is not limited and ideally the methodology or some parts of it are generalisable as a general DSL library specification methodology.

This work is funded by the FUI Project P, EuroStars project Hi-MoCo and partly by the Campus France and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research target-financed research theme No. 0140007s12.

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For source code and other resources see Developers documentation (DIY section).

BlockLibrary and the P-Toolset

Developers documentation (DIY section)

NOTE! The BlockLibrary DSL and tools are still under development. It is possible that some of the examples or features are slightly out of date. In case of problems you are welcome to send us a question or a bug report!